Friday, February 19, 2010

Inner Strength


If you poke me do I not bleed?
It’s the line that became a seed
birthing the words now being freed
so read them closely and take heed.

Most of us look strong from the outside
but weakness can be easy to hide.
Within us all is a sense of pride
but it can come and go like the tide.

The body’s a temple this is true,
much stronger than just rubber and glue.
It protects what’s inside me or you
but there are things that make their way through.

Words can be the biggest enemy
they can get inside you easily.
Then like a tapeworm they grow with glee
feeding from emotional debris.

They attach themselves and hold on tight
for they know that there will be a fight.
The good words come to provide the light
that’s needed for the soul to ignite.

The sad news is there’s more bad than good
people don’t always say what they should.
Often they are just misunderstood
with their slight jab like splintering wood.

Take the words in and let them digest
but you make the rules and can protest.
You are the one that knows yourself best
so you can prevent being possessed.

It’s not true that the world is cruel,
it’s people that provide that fuel,
so gather up your strength and duel
then you’ll find your protection jewel.

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