Monday, January 4, 2010

Personal Inauguration


Memories and feelings stream in saltwater trails
Relieving the psychosomatic constipation
Like a perfectly aged, fine wine being uncorked
Releasing the pressure, its final salvation

The fountains of time encapsulated within
Shielding the castle with its moat like aberration
All the pennies of wishes collected inside
Just help to solidify its strong foundation

Years of decisions not always carefully made
Are what always fertilized the plantation
And solutions on how to keep moving forward
Keeps life rotating in its evolving formation

The grapes of life manage to continually grow
The good choices made becoming their gestation
And when they aren’t harvested to be used at their peak
There’s no waste, they become raisins in hibernation

As time goes on the walls begin to crumble down
No longer securing the valued isolation
But everything throughout has been used all along
To help you through this personal excavation

It’s a journey of life that we all must take
A personal well-being inauguration
Over bodies of water released from within
That simply prevented any coagulation

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Anonymous said...

Learning makes a good man better and ill man worse...................................................

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