Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Life's Drama


Times they are a changing
so the song does say.
Emotions they are raging
as you go along your way.

Priorities may hold you back
if you allow them to.
It's baggage's time to unpack
so you can start a new.

There are many blessings for one & all
if they only choose to see.
All of them count even the small,
and bad ones also to some degree.

It's just a matter of living life
and not letting it live you.
Learning from the pain and strife
and enjoying all the good times too.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hidden Pearl

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Much like the oyster creates a pearl
The world did its thing and created this girl
Years of emotions bottled up inside
Like grains of sand just trying to hide
Daily life pressures and stress wore them down
Shaping a soul that may possibly astound

A unique individual tried and true
Each of us is in case you didn’t have a clue
A thing of beauty created by life
Took the good from the bad no dwelling in strife
Can function alone or within a group
There can be several alike but none are a dup

The smile that is shown the glimmer in the eyes
Is what makes each different behind the disguise

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Gift of Happiness

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Life can provide an element of surprise
just don’t be too greedy and demand supersize

Each of us holds the right cards in our hands
making good decisions will guide where fate lands

The journey can be long or it can be short
so when it gets tough hang in don’t abort

Things can get better but that’s up to you
don’t dwell in the past look forward to the new

The future is your present all wrapped in a bow
the choices made now will help it to grow

Just slowly unwrap more a little each day
and allow your happiness to be on display

That emotional state is contagious to all
you’ll be lifting spirits in big ways and small

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