Wednesday, December 9, 2009



I discovered so many faceted prisms
in my house which is full of hooliganisms.
You may not perceive those as real organisms
but they can spin your world into many schisms.

They weasel their way in, there’s no where to hide.
Not that I try too hard, I must confide.
There’s this thing called a heart that I have deep inside
and with that my brain will constantly collide.

I can always wake up to a brand new day
and think positive things will come my way,
but the hooliganisms bring on their decay
sometimes eroding those good things at my dismay.

It’s a toxic party game I can’t seem to win
and I am the donkey whose tail needs a pin.
On goes their blindfold so that they can spin
then off they go, sticking me with a big grin.

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