Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Hours


Oh how time seems to go so fast
So many years have just blown past
We think of those times we’ve had a blast
The wise always know they just can’t last

There are those days that just seem to crawl
They make you want to curl up and bawl
You become part of it for the long haul
And when it ends you feel ten feet tall

Everyone will say their goodbyes
You’ll probably even have one that cries
But there will be a bond that never dies
No matter how hard anyone tries

You’re probably happy to be out of here
But down deep inside you’ll shed a tear
Even though it’s a pain in the rear
I’m sure there are times that are quite dear

There’ll be no more hugs that you give out
Those will be missed without a doubt
I for one wish I were more devout
And the fact that I wasn’t will make me pout

For you Bobbie we can never forget
And the time that’s been lost we will regret
But we’ll see you again so we won’t fret
Happy hours are in our futures you can bet

This is dedicated to a friend & co-worker on her retirement... Woo hoo for you Bobbie Roepke!!

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