Tuesday, December 29, 2009



Into your life she pounced,
like a chocolate bundle of joy.
A little four legged friend
with her happiness convoy.

Your lonely days were gone
fulfilled by her cute puppy glee.
Nothing could come between you
not even the smallest flea.

Those big brown eyes showed their trust
and the love just flowed from you to her.
So many memories shared
through the years gone by in a blur.

There for each other always
through everything life threw your way.
In each other’s hearts forever
is where all those memories stay.

Belle has moved onto Heaven
and she will look over you from there
for even death can’t break that bond
so it would not even dare.

Time will heal the hurt you feel
but your heart will never forget
the unconditional love between
you and your beautiful pet.

This poem is dedicated to my best friend Kerin Hansen & her best friend Belle ~~ R.I.P. Belle.

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