Thursday, December 17, 2009



The time has come for my winter sneezing,
a sneeze is a sneeze, not flu bug treason.
I know the weather outside is freezing
so for my sniffles that is the reason.

Way deep inside this body of mine,
somewhere near the base of my spine,
is this demon seed that grows like a vine
using me as its nurturing brine.

Throughout the year the seed finds its way in
then it lies dormant as it gathers sin.
It knows that someday its fun will begin
and then the fight’s on but it will not win.

My brain just knows when the time is right
to give that seed some sneezing fright.
It causes me to be stuffed up at night
so I’m determined to make it take flight.

Outside it’s cold but inside it’s dry
so my nose and throat say why oh why.
The nose starts to run like the eyes cry
and I want to make the seed just die.

The sneezing starts and does not stop
until it hears the seed go pop
which causes the spores to jump and hop
into the Kleenex then the trash, kerplop!

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