Tuesday, December 29, 2009



Into your life she pounced,
like a chocolate bundle of joy.
A little four legged friend
with her happiness convoy.

Your lonely days were gone
fulfilled by her cute puppy glee.
Nothing could come between you
not even the smallest flea.

Those big brown eyes showed their trust
and the love just flowed from you to her.
So many memories shared
through the years gone by in a blur.

There for each other always
through everything life threw your way.
In each other’s hearts forever
is where all those memories stay.

Belle has moved onto Heaven
and she will look over you from there
for even death can’t break that bond
so it would not even dare.

Time will heal the hurt you feel
but your heart will never forget
the unconditional love between
you and your beautiful pet.

This poem is dedicated to my best friend Kerin Hansen & her best friend Belle ~~ R.I.P. Belle.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Batter's Up

Being that it's the Christmas Season,
I must forewarn you of the treason
of writing something so displeasing
but it's just what I've been feeling.

For all throughout my little house
I have creatures stirring, worse than louse,
which don’t include my family
but just their friends they force upon me.

Now mind you I’ve not harmed a fly
but if you only knew you’d wonder why.
The poem below is purely fictitious
so don’t go getting too suspicious.


I’m buying a brand new bat,
we’ll see what they think about that.
Maybe then they’ll turn tail and scat
before they’re clobbered like a rat.

All the rules have been planted,
nothing ever was recanted.
No more time outs will be granted,
this isn’t their life enchanted.

Bases are loaded, no more room,
it’s crazy that they just presume,
but this is not their mama’s womb
and they could end up in a tomb.

“Batter’s up!” will be their warning
and they’ll just be left forlorning
cause I will not be in mourning
for the marks they’ll be adorning.

I’ll be having major league dreams
of hearing all their bloody screams.
I’ll gladly take on all their teams
and they’ll just see how my smile beams.

So take heed now while you have time
and don't be fooled by this rhyme
because I think you all are slime
and having you gone would be sublime.


Thursday, December 17, 2009



The time has come for my winter sneezing,
a sneeze is a sneeze, not flu bug treason.
I know the weather outside is freezing
so for my sniffles that is the reason.

Way deep inside this body of mine,
somewhere near the base of my spine,
is this demon seed that grows like a vine
using me as its nurturing brine.

Throughout the year the seed finds its way in
then it lies dormant as it gathers sin.
It knows that someday its fun will begin
and then the fight’s on but it will not win.

My brain just knows when the time is right
to give that seed some sneezing fright.
It causes me to be stuffed up at night
so I’m determined to make it take flight.

Outside it’s cold but inside it’s dry
so my nose and throat say why oh why.
The nose starts to run like the eyes cry
and I want to make the seed just die.

The sneezing starts and does not stop
until it hears the seed go pop
which causes the spores to jump and hop
into the Kleenex then the trash, kerplop!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Love Thy Home


I’ve got house guests from hell that’s what they are
but they’re not guests at all that’s what’s bazaar.
I should be the queen of my castle or even the czar
yet I rather escape from them and go somewhere far.

Who knows what keeps me here, it’s really not them
cause if my family were a flower, I’d be the stem,
growing from my parents and supporting their gem,
then I’m mowed down and spit out like lawn mower phlegm.

Never invited to stay yet they insist,
when that ‘taker’ gene was passed out I was missed.
No’s not an answer they don’t get the gist
I almost prefer to slit my own wrist.

Now the house it is old I’ll give them that
it wasn’t ready for the house pest combat.
If it could fight back it would lay them out flat
or just squash them like the bugs they are, SPLAT!

The windows are broken and so are the doors
from running in and out, drama and wars.
There’s all this hostility that leaks from my pores
and I almost think it’s what stained all my floors.

The electrical is failing so the lights just don’t work
which only makes it easier for the gremlins to lurk.
I could kill them off and claim that I’ve gone berserk
I just need to practice on my serial killer smirk.

There’s no appreciation although they disagree
yet I feel it should be scrolling in lights on a marquee.
Instead I get a house full of chaos and debris
and this weird desire for a Menards shopping spree.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009



I discovered so many faceted prisms
in my house which is full of hooliganisms.
You may not perceive those as real organisms
but they can spin your world into many schisms.

They weasel their way in, there’s no where to hide.
Not that I try too hard, I must confide.
There’s this thing called a heart that I have deep inside
and with that my brain will constantly collide.

I can always wake up to a brand new day
and think positive things will come my way,
but the hooliganisms bring on their decay
sometimes eroding those good things at my dismay.

It’s a toxic party game I can’t seem to win
and I am the donkey whose tail needs a pin.
On goes their blindfold so that they can spin
then off they go, sticking me with a big grin.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Hours


Oh how time seems to go so fast
So many years have just blown past
We think of those times we’ve had a blast
The wise always know they just can’t last

There are those days that just seem to crawl
They make you want to curl up and bawl
You become part of it for the long haul
And when it ends you feel ten feet tall

Everyone will say their goodbyes
You’ll probably even have one that cries
But there will be a bond that never dies
No matter how hard anyone tries

You’re probably happy to be out of here
But down deep inside you’ll shed a tear
Even though it’s a pain in the rear
I’m sure there are times that are quite dear

There’ll be no more hugs that you give out
Those will be missed without a doubt
I for one wish I were more devout
And the fact that I wasn’t will make me pout

For you Bobbie we can never forget
And the time that’s been lost we will regret
But we’ll see you again so we won’t fret
Happy hours are in our futures you can bet

This is dedicated to a friend & co-worker on her retirement... Woo hoo for you Bobbie Roepke!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Let Rhyme Be Your Cure


Words can be the cure
for a soul that’s impure.
You’re in denial I’m sure
but the rhyme is the lure.

It makes you want to read
and to the words take head,
To happiness they can lead
just let them plant the seed

You may notice a slight pain
and a tingle in your brain
but don’t you be in disdain
that big smile isn’t inane.

Now if you look back you’ll agree
you’re happier to some degree,
just let your smile be pure and free
you’ve been cured by a rhyming spree.

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