Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pursuit of Happiness


With childlike wonder you want to believe
not everyone is just out to deceive.
Put your conspiracy theories on reprieve
and you’ll be surprised by what you perceive.

Inside us all is a will to survive,
the heart and soul can be hard to revive,
so protection is our ultimate drive
yet we must live our life and hope to thrive.

Eventually someone comes along
proving that opening up isn’t wrong
and when it happens your heart sings a song
because it’s found that one with whom you belong.

Believing becomes easier now that you share
your inner most feelings with those you know care
there may be some heartache or times of despair
but a life filled with loneliness just doesn’t compare.

Your walls will come down to allow a clear view
and the signs may be easy to misconstrue
but don’t allow that to set things askew
because to achieve happiness you must pursue.

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