Monday, November 23, 2009

Incredible Week


Monday’s I feel like I’m hexed,
Tuesday’s leave me feeling vexed,
Wednesday’s I am quite perplexed,
Thursday’s when I put it all in text.
Friday’s I’m happy to see what’s next
then the weekend’s here and freedom is flexed.

Now I think the time has come
when I take the week under my thumb,
crinkle it up into a little crumb,
and tell it no more will I succumb.
No longer will Monday’s be so glum
that idea is just plain dumb.

Beginning that day in a happy state
will make the rest of the week just great.
I know you may think that’s up for debate
but life’s what you make it, that’s just fate.
Negativity will no longer perpetrate
and that will allow greatness to conjugate.

It’s a new relationship with each week
and I refuse allowing it to be bleak
so positivity is what I will seek
then at each week’s end I will critique
so I can unravel the crazy mystique
of what makes an awesome one so unique!

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