Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Life's Compensation

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Stuck in a state of mass confusion
thinking love may be an illusion.
A much needed reality transfusion
could assist one with this common delusion.

Misconstrued love of the past lamented.
The heart may still be a little dented
from pain & loss that is quite cemented,
but it can always be reinvented.

Still holding back from any transgression,
weighted down by an inner oppression,
fear of never losing the obsession
but making tiny steps of progression.

All that's needed is authenticity,
just tired of years of duplicity,
no longer up for the complicity,
thinking back to times of simplicity.

Give me stimulating conversation,
a sense of humor for the foundation,
creativity and inspiration,
that would be a winning combination.

One should never expect something transcendent
but it's not asking too much for resplendent,
just never let them be the ascendant
for you yourself are independent.

There's no longer a set expectation,
never needed a pretty decoration,
it's real life that is the fascination
and love will someday be the compensation.


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