Friday, September 11, 2009


Heart mind soul Pictures, Images and Photos

Sometimes clueless I can be
of good things regarding me.
All the signs are plain to see
but a closed mind to some degree.

Pick and choose my mind plays tricks,
like it’s dodging flying bricks.
It’s strange to see what it picks,
what bypasses and what sticks.

Sometimes life is quite deranged,
over the years things have changed.
Parts of the past become estranged,
priorities rearranged.

Major regrets are few and far,
although some parts are quite bazaar.
The heart’s become a sealed jar
waiting for its lucky star.

Life is short, the time has come,
time to give up being numb.
Take it in the mind will hum.
and everything else will succumb.

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Anonymous said...

beautiful much like its author.

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