Saturday, September 5, 2009

Best 2 Days

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I saw you across the beach with that fine tan chest
When out they popped like blue specked eggs from a nest

You sauntered on over without a care in the world
And I got so excited that my toes just curled

The whole scene was great if not for those balls
And all the attention that sort of scene draws

I laughed so hard my undies were in need of repair
But they were like my heart, fragile, handle with care

Wearing ribbons of pink and a bonnet of lace
And a silly school girl grin on my bright red face

I stood up and began to walk over your way
With a sweet little sexy vixen sashay

I realized then you weren’t coming for me
You had your eyes set on the first aid marquee

You began to run like a thoroughbred stud
As my pride hit the floor with a giant thud

You blew right past me without a second glance
And I figured then that I just had no chance

So back to my beach towel I returned to pout
I thought for sure I was gonna quench my man drought

My spirit was low but the sun was still high
I laid back and stared up into that light blue sky

Next thing I knew there you were, right by my side
And you said you had something that you had to confide

The man eggs are twisted so no kids can be had
And my sweet sexy ways were just driving you mad

Not long after we were married in that same spot
And those are two days that will never be forgot

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