Sunday, September 27, 2009

Water Skiing


Blogophilia 30.2 Topic: Get Me Off This Crazy Thing
Bonus points
(hard, 2 points): mention a comedy of errors
(easy, 1 point): incorporate an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie
Final day to post: Sept 29th midnight GMT.

There once was a giraffe that water skied
I laughed so hard that I nearly peed
We cheered him on to pick up the speed
And he always accomplished that little deed

He often screamed “Get me off this crazy thing!”
But most thought he was just being a ding-a-ling
Oh so many hours of laughter he did bring
To that water ski rope he surely did cling.

It’s a comedy of errors, that’s what it is
The whole crazy thing could be a hit in the biz
He slices through that water spraying its fizz
Knowing that all eyes were just watching his

As he takes on the feat he does jingle all the way
And he gets back on those skis every single day
He loves to watch people’s reactions to him play
And the crowd is pleased for they always stay


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Life's Compensation

love Pictures, Images and Photos

Stuck in a state of mass confusion
thinking love may be an illusion.
A much needed reality transfusion
could assist one with this common delusion.

Misconstrued love of the past lamented.
The heart may still be a little dented
from pain & loss that is quite cemented,
but it can always be reinvented.

Still holding back from any transgression,
weighted down by an inner oppression,
fear of never losing the obsession
but making tiny steps of progression.

All that's needed is authenticity,
just tired of years of duplicity,
no longer up for the complicity,
thinking back to times of simplicity.

Give me stimulating conversation,
a sense of humor for the foundation,
creativity and inspiration,
that would be a winning combination.

One should never expect something transcendent
but it's not asking too much for resplendent,
just never let them be the ascendant
for you yourself are independent.

There's no longer a set expectation,
never needed a pretty decoration,
it's real life that is the fascination
and love will someday be the compensation.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Mended Hearts

Mended Heart

Thoughts swirl, the mind goes blank.
The soul still feels, the heart it aches.
Close you are, deep within
like we are one, in a tailspin.

Lost in a world of only us,
words and actions both confess.
Feelings are strong, the bond is pure.
The touch hits deep, to the core.

Hours are spent but time it flies,
seems fate has delivered a surprise,
and proven an ongoing trend
confused and broken hearts can mend.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Rubble, 2007, acrylic on paper Pictures, Images and Photos

Blogophilia 29.2 Topic: Take Back Your Rotten Gift
Bonus points
(hard, 2 points): incorporate the phrase "fire in the hole"
(easy, 1 point): include a major league baseball team name

Take back your rotten gift
I don’t want it any more.
Through the rubble I have to sift,
around all the pain and gore.

You found a space to weasel in
and shouted fire in the hole.
It’s like I was influenced by gin
missing that you were just a mole.

The Texas Rangers couldn’t find you
after you left my life in shambles.
It’s like you vanished without a clue
yet with a hint everyone still scrambles.

The next time you show your face
help will not be on my menu.
I hope you hang your head in disgrace
if you do appear in this venue.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Love Bug

Blogophilia 28.2 Topic: A Day at the Races
bonus points
(hard, 2 points): incorporate a rare insect
(easy, 1 point): include something carved out of wood
Final day to post: Sept 15th midnight GMT.

Like the Schaus Swallowtail true love is rare
its masking ability isn’t quite fair

With beauty and poise it often strikes
but not as quite often as anyone likes

Sometimes it sneaks in and you don’t know it’s there
while other times it’s bold and you accept the dare

It’s a day at the races once it sets in
so the success and crashes will soon begin

You will fight to keep it alive if you care
because losing true love is what most can’t bare

The journey can be bad or it can often be good
It can splinter your heart like it’s carved out of wood

But in the long run it’s worth it most will declare
to find that special someone with whom you can share

Friday, September 11, 2009


Heart mind soul Pictures, Images and Photos

Sometimes clueless I can be
of good things regarding me.
All the signs are plain to see
but a closed mind to some degree.

Pick and choose my mind plays tricks,
like it’s dodging flying bricks.
It’s strange to see what it picks,
what bypasses and what sticks.

Sometimes life is quite deranged,
over the years things have changed.
Parts of the past become estranged,
priorities rearranged.

Major regrets are few and far,
although some parts are quite bazaar.
The heart’s become a sealed jar
waiting for its lucky star.

Life is short, the time has come,
time to give up being numb.
Take it in the mind will hum.
and everything else will succumb.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lost Soul


The souls line up at my feet
Can I guide their fate
Something inside says I can

Coming to me, tears in eyes
I fall every time
May I be their only hope

If they come with open minds
Then they can be helped
They will lead rewarding live

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Best 2 Days

beach wedding :] Pictures, Images and Photos

I saw you across the beach with that fine tan chest
When out they popped like blue specked eggs from a nest

You sauntered on over without a care in the world
And I got so excited that my toes just curled

The whole scene was great if not for those balls
And all the attention that sort of scene draws

I laughed so hard my undies were in need of repair
But they were like my heart, fragile, handle with care

Wearing ribbons of pink and a bonnet of lace
And a silly school girl grin on my bright red face

I stood up and began to walk over your way
With a sweet little sexy vixen sashay

I realized then you weren’t coming for me
You had your eyes set on the first aid marquee

You began to run like a thoroughbred stud
As my pride hit the floor with a giant thud

You blew right past me without a second glance
And I figured then that I just had no chance

So back to my beach towel I returned to pout
I thought for sure I was gonna quench my man drought

My spirit was low but the sun was still high
I laid back and stared up into that light blue sky

Next thing I knew there you were, right by my side
And you said you had something that you had to confide

The man eggs are twisted so no kids can be had
And my sweet sexy ways were just driving you mad

Not long after we were married in that same spot
And those are two days that will never be forgot

Friday, September 4, 2009



Blogophilia 27.2 Topic: Dark Side of the Moon
bonus points
(hard, 2 points): incorporate the king of diamonds
(easy, 1 point): mention an Aerosmith song

Faith is in the eye of the beholder,
at times you’re just given the cold shoulder,
while your insides are just left to smolder
and you feel like you’ve been hit by a boulder.

Other times the outcome can be quite grand,
of course that would be what’s in high demand,
but your wish is not always its command
so things may not ever go quite as planned.

The dark side of the moon may entice you
cause things in your life are making you blue.
People tell you to have faith and you do,
but sometimes the results are just overdue.

The king of diamonds appears in the sky
as a bright shooting star set loose to fly.
You dread making a wish and wonder why
but you won’t let optimism just die.

Sometimes you need to get outta your head,
see your life through eyes of others instead.
Someone has it worse it is often said
at least your waters are easy to tread.

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