Thursday, August 13, 2009


Now that I reminisce of the days gone past I've come to realize that we've been kindred spirits all along. I believe that if my soul were to reveal its true self it could most certainly be mistaken for your twin. Yes, kindred spirits in our thoughts; swirling in a conflicting chaos of calamity but somehow all coming to fruition in the end.

When asked what the attraction is I never really could explain it. Most thought it was for the same shallow reasons that others were attracted; good looks, symmetry or your ability to blend the good with the bad. Those are splendid qualities but I admired your exuberant sense of balance, diversity, and what one could consider to be a profound belief in life’s entertaining sense of humor.

You absorb all that life has to offer and you make it coexist, differences and all, in a sphere of wonder that seems to just revolve in fluid motion, like cogs in a well oiled machine. When you are around I feed off your effervescence yet I also experience the occasional expression of turmoil and anguish when necessary. You, the Yin and Yang, keep me in a state of wonder at how something that appears to be so simple is really so very complex.

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