Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Final Straw

Blogophilia Topic 3: A snake in the grass
Bonus points
(Hard, 2 points): Dress in Drag
(Easy, 1 point) : Keeping Score


Yes I’m keeping score
of how often you’re a bore.
I should be laughing on the floor
but you don’t humor me any more.

You don’t tell me silly jokes
or help me make fun of folks.
There’s no more crazy little pokes,
I feel like it was all a great big hoax.

It could all be made up to me
if you just dress in drag you see.
Just think how hilarious that would be,
I’d be on a continuous laughing spree.

Here wear this grass skirt.
No, there’s no need for a shirt.
If you dance a little it can’t hurt.
“There’s a snake in the grass!” is what I’ll blurt.


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