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Fantasy Leads to Tragedy


Blogophilia 23.2 Topic: Let Me Serve You
(hard bonus, 2 points): incorporate a festival only celebrated by women
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Final day to post: August 10th midnight GMT.

Jack E. Fischerbakken was a simple man, or so most people thought. He went to work everyday and put just enough effort in to keep up appearances. He was a 9 to 5er, 5 days a week and dedicated to keeping the job. It was easy enough, paid the bills, and provided him with great benefits. What most didn’t know was that every weekend and vacation was spent at Voyeur Village. Yes, Jack was a kinky man… kinky beyond belief really. You wouldn’t guess by looking at him but the man had kink flowing through is veins. Porn was just not sufficient for him; he needed live entertainment of the freakish kind. Sometimes he’d just be the voyeur, as the name implies, but occasionally he fulfilled a freakish fetish or 2. Jack’s dream was to eventually retire and reside up at Voyeur Village. Over his years of visiting and participating he had become pretty close with the owners. They were an older couple with no kids or family really and they were beginning to think about selling so that they could retire to a nudist colony in Barbados. The Palmetto’s were definitely a couple that would die in the act of some kinky scene… they weren’t going down in their sleep!

It was Jack’s 2 week vacation and he was hoping that he could get the Palmetto’s to commit to selling the place to him. He’d been saving a little over the years and built up quite a nice down payment. He had also raked in a nice lump of money for the acting he had done in several fetishes over the years. He never really felt right spending that money since it never felt like work and gave him more pleasure than those watching, or so he thought. You could call Jack a lot of things but a prostitute was one thing he never wanted to be called so he put the money in investments with hopes of using it to buy the place some day. Jack was also excited about this vacation because he was going to play the part of the creepy, would be rapist, peeping in on a woman from the woods.

Jack was making his way up to Voyeur Village and decided to listen to the details of what he needed to do to fulfill his fetish job. He never really knew the voyeurs of the fetishes, most of them were blue collar workers just like him. They lived their lives keeping the kink locked up and then let it all hang lose when they were on their vacations or time off. Most of the scenes he participated in never involved one on one action of any kind with the voyeur but this one was a little more open. The woman wanted him to be a creepy peeping Tom, hiding out in the forest. She was going to notice him out there and at that point he was supposed to approach her. She wanted him to then improvise from that point on, taking her lead. He was quite intrigued by it all.

“No Sir, let me serve you.” Mickey Jagg said with a smile but all the while her insides cringed at the thought of dealing with one more customer. She never spit in the food or anything but she could totally see why some did! 15 more minutes and she was walking out on the job for good. She didn’t give a 2 week notice or anything, she just had her fill. She did joke with some and tell them she was going to leave town to begin her Teej. Her co-workers always figured she was a Hindu and that she had a family so over the years she just went with it. She figured that when she doesn’t show up for work on Monday they’d just think she was out on her Teej Festival, celebrating longevity for her family when really she’d be living out a long time fetish of hers.

Jack made it up to the village and got all settled in at his cabin. He made some arrangements for his fetish reenactment and then he headed out for dinner with the Palmettos. They usually had dinner together on the night he arrives and then breakfast the day he leaves. He liked to think of them as his fetish God parents since they played such a big role in that part of his life. Dinner went a little longer than usual because it seemed that the Palmettos had an agenda of their own this time. They were ready to sell and not only did they want him to buy, they were going to give it to him dirt cheap. In fact their words were “Jack, dirty deeds are done dirt cheap here at Voyeur Village and we’d like to see it stay that way. We’d like for you to take over the business as long as you agree to keep things cheap and allow us to keep part ownership in it.” Jack was surprised but he was definitely in. Mr. Palmetto went on to explain that they had been vacationing in Barbados for years now and made some investments in some mineral deposit mining groups that found soil that will keep them rich for a very long time. He had to giggle as he thought to himself “They’re truly going to fund the place with dirty money so the dirty deeds will indeed be dirt cheap!”

Mickey made it to Voyeur Village and settled in while she went over the details in her head. There would be a man out in the woods watching her from behind a tree. She’d seductively dance for a little while then go out onto the patio and notice him. At that point his instructions are to approach her and then the fun would start. Her plan was to get him to act out a murder with her, but she wasn’t really going to be acting. Mickey was brought up in a very religious group home. Her parents didn’t want kids and gave her up to the home so they could go off and live their fun and fancy free life. About 2 years ago, after many years of trying, she finally found out that the Palmettos were her birth parents. Bitter was not a good enough word to express how she felt towards them and she’d always had fantasies of killing someone so she was going to grant 2 fantasies in one weekend and then disappear by taking their spot in Barbados. Jack, well she figured it would be best for him to die also so that there were no witnesses to hold anything over her. The place, she’d burn it down. She’d been in touch with the people in Barbados over the years and got them to concoct the whole rich soil investment story. Really the money was just being invested to keep give her a nice nest egg to live off of and the people in Barbados were happy to go along with it.

This may or may not continue... I haven't quite decided:-)

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Story inspired by email shenanigans with some co-workers, who shall remain nameless but are somewhat incorporated within... they know how they are:-)

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