Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dreams of Melony Goodness


Blogophilia 24.2 Topic: But Officer...
bonus points (hard, 2 points): incorporate a tongue twister
(easy, 1 point) use red as a color or a flavor
Final day to post: Aug 18th midnight GMT

Six sticky sucker sticks, six sticky sucker sticks, shix stucky sticker sicks… damn, even typing I can’t do it 3 times real fast!! Speaking of sticky sucker sticks, one of my favorite suckers happens to be the watermelon Jolly Rancher sucker… when they were square. I’m not sure why they changed them to round but that is just not Willy Wonka’s style… is he selling out on us or what? My other was the grape Jolly Rancher sucker. The Jolly Rancher just has it right with the good blend of sweet and sour, what can I say? I often thought of his orchards of suckers and hoped to someday be able to work for him during a harvest but alas, now that they are round I’m not so interested.

I think Mr. Wonka needs to fight back against the round sucker revolution and bring back the square… LONG LIVE THE SQUARE!! I’m pretty passionate about my lolli’s sorry. I call them lolli’s when spoken of lovingly because sucker is so derogatory and they just haven’t been able to take the pride back in that name. They will continue to try of course because they are a hard candy after all, so they are stubborn and strong.

So I begin to think that maybe I need to start a petition for the square suckers to be brought back. I could even throw a small event and have Blind Melon play… I’m sure since they’re not busy they would be honored. We could have watermelon seed spitting contests and grape seed also cause let’s face it, you bite into one of those it just ruins the grape eating experience! Maybe we could even get Jack Gallagher to do his act, he likes watermelons and he’s a Leo like me so we got a connection!

Yeah, I have it all figured out now I just need to sleep some so that it will all come to fruition in my dreams and Willy will see how much the square suckers are missed and consider getting the Jolly Rancher to begin growing those again instead of the round. If not then they may see red cause my dream will turn into a nightmare and a new movie where Freddy Krueger, Jason and Mike Myers all reek havoc on the Jolly Rancher’s farm! That will be my “But officer” moment although I don’t think it would bode too well for the officer… if ya know what I mean! Whew… sorry, got a little outta control there. Red shouldn’t be used for anger and murder, it should be for good things like love and square Jolly Rancher watermelon suckers!

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