Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cage Match

Blogophilia Topic 4: The Jury is Still Out
Bonus points
(Hard, 2 points): use a quote from Dr. Seuss
(Easy, 1 point) : work in 5 different species of animals

Seuss Elephant Pictures, Images and Photos

Polka dotted hippos in my stew,
how they got there I have no clue.
There seem to be giraffes in shades of blue,
it’s a regular demented sort of zoo.

The jury is still out on my state of mind
but I swear I saw a baboon’s behind.
Don’t have me committed, please be kind,
I’m good for a laugh you’ll come to find.

In 20 minutes there’ll be a knock at the door
and a bright green flamingo will be on the floor.
It’s elephants that they love forever more
so when they come it’ll be fun galore.

There’s a problem with that to some extent,
elephants and elephants are only content.
I meant what I said, and I said what I meant,
an elephant is faithful, one hundred percent.

So the galore of fun will be quite a sight
and try as you may, try as you might,
you won’t be able to get them to unite
so you may end up with a cage match fight.


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