Saturday, August 29, 2009

Missing Parachute

Blogophilia Topic 2: All on a Winter's Morn
Bonus points
(Hard, 2 points): incorporate a famous mountain in the body of your write
(Easy, 1 point) : include James Bond in a tutu

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On the peaks of Kanchenjunga
All on a winter’s morn
I saw a sight quite peculiar
And as yellow as a cob of corn

It was James bond in a tutu
Close to the upper most edge
He was getting ready to swan dive
Right over the rocky mountain ledge

He was singing a little ditty
about all the women he once loved
and he was looking rather silly
I felt like he wanted to be shoved

I contemplated moving closer
He appeared to be turning green
His singing was getting much louder
And I noticed he was wearing neoprene

Quickly he stepped to the left
And then he skipped to the right
He did a somersault in midair
And that seemed to cause him delight

He turned around to face me
And he had a huge smile on his face
He said that he was no longer scared
And he was off to gamble on the race

Around he turned once again
And over the edge he then went
all I heard as he fell through the air
Was, “Next time I’ll steal the circus tent!”

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