Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Werewolf Hunter

Appearing innocent but I am feared
For hunting werewolves I'm highly revered

My loyal unicorns never far behind
To assist me whenever I'm in a bind

With my sword I mangle the best of the pack
The rest will think twice before coming back

But I'm not a regular woman you see
Years ago a vampire visited me

I was seduced by his allure at the time
And thought a life like his would be sublime

Unable to take lives to quench my thirst
I felt as if I had been left cursed

Over time I learned to use my power for good
And helped those less powerful whenever I could

Those that I've saved have provided donation
Of that warm, salty, metallic liquid libation

So I'm no longer a lonely, scared little waif
I hunt werewolves and keep the entire world safe


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