Friday, June 6, 2008

Twisted But Fun

My word for today is Schadenfreude. Not only does it just sound great, it's basically used for the enjoyment of other's misfortune. Now I know it's not a nice word in that respect but, come on we are all a little guilty of it now & then. The American culture thrives off of the emotional &/or physical pain of others. Why else do things like reality TV and movies like Jackass do so well??

Schadenfreude breaks down as such:

Schaden - damage & freude - joy

Yes, it's a little twisted & can be pretty heartless at times but that all depends on the person. Most people are pretty good at heart and it's all in fun. This is the one word that I remember most from my highschool years. I took German for 4 years & Herr Geissenhoff was a living example of Schadenfreude. Come to think of it, teenagers are a whole other example of Schadenfreude! Most of them are more on the twisted side of the meaning than the fun side though. Regardless of how others view it, I for one love and embrace the word for it's twisted but fun side!

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