Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Try On These Shoes

My first love was poisoning my body
It shielded me from things that were naughty

Those that cared tried to intervene and help
But the pain would set in and I'd just yelp

I had to be in the right frame of mind
Before I could give in and be confined

There was always a small part of my soul
That wanted me to climb out of that hole

Then one day I finally found the strength
To fight this thing for the entire length

Many amends needed to be made
But I could no longer duck and evade

The poison is gone but always near by
When times are rough it's 12 steps I apply

I'm slowly getting my life back on track
I'm moving ahead and not looking back

I found a good job and I'm doing well
But there are constantly doubts to dispel

I will always have to fight to keep clean
And try to stick to a daily routine

But I will succeed and stay on the path
Because I'm done with my personal wrath

This is another pic link lost so no pic until I can find one to fit it again. Let your mind imagine:-)

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