Sunday, September 21, 2008

This Is For The Birds

You know how some people say that film imitates life? Well in my world it's often cartoons that imitate life. Although I guess you could say film now a days with all the great animation that is out there. The point of my blogging this evening is that I came across one of those moments today and I just had to document it. Why? You may ask, or you may not but just a warning... I'm gonna tell it either way so if you aren't asking you may want to exit now

The why is just cause I wanted a reason to watch a little favorite of mine, not that I really needed a reason, and I wanted to remember this time when one of my favorite little animated shorts came true. Ok, not really fully true but with the wonderful workings of my imagination it was spot on true!!

It's been a long and crazy week at work and it's only a little taste of what we are heading into. The last 3 months of the year are our busy time so we have very limited vacation time and the stress level can get pretty high. Now when I say very limited vacation, it's practically none... emergency only. So, I was leaving work today and had a great sight for some sore eyes and a great reviver for a bored imagination.

I work down town, St. Paul in the great old state of Minnesota. Being that it is down town, the parking is scarce... unless you want to pay a fortune to park in what I like to call the "Tower of hot wheels." Most the wheels in there aren't so hot really but people like it cause it's close to where they work and in the winter they don't have to deal with removing snow from their windows. I'm a little lucky cause the company I work for pays for a parking lot & a shuttle that escorts us to and from the building I work in. If it weren't for the snow in the winters it would be perfect. But, if I did park in the Tower of hot wheels I would have missed the fabulous flight of fancy that my imagination went on today. Always gotta find that positive moment in life ya know.

So today I take the shuttle to the lot & get in the car. It was a dreary sort of evening and a little on the humid side so I have to roll down the window and then prep for the drive. Like my drive is hours or something... I have a 5 minute commute on a bad day! LOL, see another positive. Anyways, our parking lot is by a bridge & next to this bridge is this big metal monstrosity that serves as.... I'm not sure really what its purpose is but there are all sorts of lines coming from it. Sort of like power lines or telephone lines... yeah, I'm gonna say it's some sort of communication hub. Well today these lines were absolutely filled with birds. Tons of chirping, squawking, wing flapping birds.

Does the scene remind you of anything?? Well for me it did and this is where my imagination helped me to embellish a little so that I got a pretty good laugh & then watched it all on TV when I got home just so I could complete the connection. What is it you ask?? Again, if you aren't asking then.... well if you aren't then why have you read this far cause I do tend to ramble so you have just wasted your time and I'm sure there is so much more you could be doing or so many better blogs you could be reading? Whew, sorry... talk about tangents. As I was saying... you may as well exit if you aren't asking what

Ok recap... I'm sitting in the parking lot, looking up, seeing the site of a ton o' birds on some metal apparatus that appears to be the communication hub for the city of St. Paul and my mind takes me to the awesome Pixar short, For the Birds! I totally saw a much bigger, dorkier bird approaching the little ones. There they were making fun of the fella and all he wants is to be friends. He tries to join them and in the long run he makes them pay for being so petty. Not on purpose mind you, he really tried hard to let them down easy. LMAO!!! I totally did too, laugh that is, cause I could see it all play out in true life, right there from my view in the parking lot. All in dream style technicolor too!

Ok, if your imagination can't picture it all or you don't know of the greatness that is For the Birds (which was the short before Monsters Inc by the way... little fun fact) then here would be where it's posted for your viewing pleasure if Disney didn't force YouTube to shut er down due to copywrite reasons... damn the man!

Alright, are you laughing? If you aren't then what the heck is wrong with you, this is what funny stuff is made from! I totally seen it happen today and now I have it all documented so it is fact! It's times like today when I wish I carried my camera around with me cause the one in my dang phone just doesn't take quality pictures and you would totally have missed out on the dream style technicolor of my imagination. Count yourself blessed because Pixar will provide that for me today for the low, low price of.... how many ever minutes it took you to get to the end of the lollipop... sorry this story... the end of this story

Note to self... and anyone else who may care

They totally have a DVD that is comprised of only Pixar shorts... gotta check into getting me a copy of that at my local Best Buy... or wherever else I may need to go if they let me down & do not sell it!

You are now leaving MyImagination. Hope your read was pleasant, please put your seats in the upright position and if you came with it you should leave with it. Ya'll come back now ya hear??

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