Monday, November 3, 2008

Technicolor Dreams


The day's events fresh in my mind

while I sleep, to my dreams I am blind.

Blind in memory but not in sight

for when my eyes open, things are bright.

I must not have nightmares in my sleep

since dark images are not what I keep.

It could be in Technicolor that I dream

because swirls of color are what I gleam.

Pink and yellow, orange and green

twirling and forming shapes never seen.

Just quick flashes appear in my view

during those moments things seem askew.

In those moments its happiness I feel,

sleeping takes on a whole new appeal.

I think of my happy childhood days,

running in the sun, soaking in the rays.

Always with huge swirly suckers in hand,

thinking they were my key to Neverland.

The time goes fast and the colors fade,

real life quickly begins to invade.

This I accept so I can move on

living my day before it is gone.

The path to dreamland is always inviting

as long as the Sandman keeps up the lighting.


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