Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Super Silly Me

Do you ever just look at a word & think it should mean one thing but you find out that it means something totally different? I have that problem sometimes & even have a hard time getting my brain to agree with the real meaning so I will use it incorrectly on purpose:-) I have that issue with the word 'supercilious'. I was talking about some crazy work related thing today & I just wanted to say that it was all supercilious. My meaning of it however would have been similar to crazy, unnecessary, or just plain stupid. That's not even remotely close to what it really means though so I had to hold myself back, since I was talking to the boss & she most likely knows what it really means. I can't allow her to feel like she is supercilious because she thinks I have no clue what I'm talking about now can I:-)

I hear the word & I think it should be something fun. I mean come on, it may not be spelled the same but 'silly' is in the word for crying out loud. It also reminds me of one of those words that could be in Jeff Foxworthy's redneck dictionary or something. It could say something like:

Supercilious [super~silly~us] - usage:

We wuz ova yonda in them thar fields & we wuzza gonna tip us sum cows. Supercilious, we wuz standin in sum cowpie & it wuz us that tipped instead!

See, it's fun! The redneck version or my version I can understand but I just don't think the real definition does the word justice. Here are some of the real definitions of the word:

1) contemptuously indifferent: full of contempt and arrogance
2) showing haughty superiority over someone else
3) characterized by or expressive of contempt
4) having an air of contemptuous superiority
5) behaving as if or showing that you think that you are better than other people, and that their opinions, beliefs or ideas are not important

Way different than either of my versions, it's not really fun at all. This is one that I have to watch myself with cause used incorrectly I could be asking for a little trouble. Come to think of it maybe it could be fun using it correctly afterall.... sarcastically or in a joking manner only of course:-)

fun fun fun friend

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