Sunday, July 13, 2008

Morning Tea

In the morning I finish my tea
And who is it staring back at me?
I feel like I can finally see
Like if it were my true destiny.

Was the tea a magical brew?
My eyes are open to something new
And I can see me through another view.
May it be of the rose persuasion hue?

I see a woman who is alone
But through the years she has really grown.
There are opportunities she has blown
And many, many skills she can hone.

There are small things that cause some regret
And there are things to never forget.
As she gets older there are things to fret
But she will not give into that quite yet.

She can be quite funny but also sad
At times she can also get very mad.
She tries very hard not to be so bad
She wishes that she still had her dad.

She approaches things with an open mind
And to everyone she tries to be kind.
She tries hard to leave the past behind
But there are times she'd like to rewind.

Negativity is something she fights
It's just not worth all of the sleepless nights.
She often deals with her family's plights
This can sometimes set her fears to new heights.

It seems like she lives in her own bubble
She likes to avoid chaos and trouble.
Sometimes she has to pick up the rubble
And in those times she's there on the double.

She's never been successful with the boys
Creativity is what she enjoys.
She finds pleasure in the old and new toys,
Especially those that make some noise.

So from this I come up with a decree
I need to allow myself to just be
Because all in all I like what I see
And all of it is what just makes me me.

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