Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ghosts of Technology

I think the ghost in the machine is toying with me
floating in cyberspace, my mind is wandering
Captured in a web of confusion, lines are crossed and tangled
They come crashing down all twisted and mangled
out of the back smoke curls and sparks shoot
I decide to catch a nap rather than reboot.

As I sleep the dreamweaver weaves
silently I slip into that world of make believe
I feel like I'm in the twilight zone
Sunday sunshine and ice cream cones,
with laughter, fun and childhood dreams
of woodland faires, honeysuckle pixies and moonbeams

Eyes transfixed, unmovable like super glue
Stuck in a state of not knowing what to do
Beautiful colors begin to blend
As the state of my mind begins to descend
My tears rain down like a tropical storm
Looking forward to escaping the norm

I kick off my shoes and dance to the beat
Feeling the rhythm in the soles of my feet
All the while dancing in my granny panties
as others look on questioning my sanity
giggling from my toes letting out all the laughter
knowing the monkey was guarding the cupcakes I'm after

Now I'm being tied down by the men in the white suits
I think the monkey and them are all in cahoots
I'm escorted to the funny farm, as if I'm crazy
That's quite ok, when I'm there I'll be lazy
While there I can find the garden gnomes
And recite to them all my clever poems

Half Geek part Guru living on Java and watching YuTube
Until I'm too hyped up and they put me in the cube
In there I'll swish my light saber with a drunken Yoda
He got drunk while I just sipped on a soda
I think back and wonder how I met him until…
I think I remember wasn't it on Blue Berry Hill?

Is there an echo in here or is it just me
Say that five times real fast, make a wish, and hit the command key
I wish to return to my home, sweet, home
But I'm cut off by a dang garden gnome
He says it's right where I am that I belong
Tormented by Technology, what else can go wrong

Some lines provided by Seeturtle, sheila A, LadySeda, Colleen B, Winters Child, Lady Oregon, Michelle K, Lawrence of Ukraine, the falcon, A-Rhodi, Glenn, Lady "Cheryl" Death.

This entry won me an award for poem of the week, wooooo hoooo...

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