Friday, October 17, 2008

Engulfing Flames


Flames of fire bellow and smoke

Holding the forest in its choke

It crackles and kills to its heart's content

As it begins its uncaring decent

It's a sad state for the land and trees

When the heat drinks up the rain with ease

The scene itself is quite awesome in sight

The fire just has so much force and fight

A notch in its belt for each life taken

Human and nature, nothing forsaken

Sometimes trying to douse its ravage

Only makes it much more savage

Everything left in a charcoal like state

Its only goal is to desecrate

It may be best to just let it burn out

Or maybe steer it in another route

Cutting it off may prove success

Nothing left for its flames to caress

If the hunger is no longer fed

It engulfs itself until it's dead


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