Thursday, July 30, 2009

Decision's Made


Blogophilia 22.2 Topic: You Make Me Want To Shout!
bonus points (hard, 2 points): incorporate a line from a country singer's song
(easy, 1 point): include 'give me three steps'
Final day to post: August 3rd midnight GMT.

Just give me three steps or else you’re out
I love you dearly there is no doubt.
With choices made you make me want to shout
you can’t win me over with your cute pout.

Have a little faith you’ll make it through
that is what constantly comes from you.
Your lack of dedication makes me blue
and you act as if you don’t have a clue.

I see through you with my xray vision
my intuition has that precision.
You need to make your final decision
or my foot and your butt ends in a collision.

I’m hot under the collar can’t you see?
You need to respond to make me happy.
Stay or go, either is fine with me.
Just make your decision already.

Come to think of it, decision is made.
You have just left me feeling betrayed.
I’m done living in this crazy charade.
I am turning you in for an upgrade!

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