Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dear Melanie


Even though I need you night and day
I'm upset that you tempted me that way.
The cage is supposed to be my safe zone
and you left me with the vacuum, alone.

Not only was it within my reach,
"You left it plugged in!" I warned with a screech.
That black, snake like cord just called out to me,
taunting and coaxing right where I could see.

I couldn't stand it any longer,
I wish I would have been much stronger.
I reached right out and grabbed it with my claw.
A slick thing of wonder, I stared in awe.

Then just take a guess what I did next.
It's not too hard, I'm not that complex.
Right to the beak went this temptation,
I bit down and I felt the vibration!

Then down I went, falling right off my mount.
Down to the floor, I was out for the count.
My head was spinning, my mind in a daze.
I was surrounded by a warm, bright haze.

Men with feathered boas and cross dressers from hell
flashed into my mind as I tried to rebel.
It wasn't easy to fight my way back
next time I'll think twice before I attack.

Your fine feathered friend made it through the day
with his own unique peacock like display.
Now I'm stuffing down McDonalds French fries,
trying hard to ease your guilt and your cries.

Down to the last drop I'm emotionally spent.
Please remember to remove things that torment.
In the future it would be really nice
if you'd think twice so I don't pay the price!

Tangelo would like to thank those that assisted in giving him a voice ~~Lady "Cheryl" Death, Frankie, Colleen B, sheila A and (even though it was her fault) MelanieJ

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