Thursday, August 7, 2008

Brainstormed Vacation


This slightly worn path leads to salvation
Of everything stressful in this nation

Here I can sit and enjoy the great view
Gone from my mind is all I need to do

The soft white sands with its small clumps of green
The clear blue water, inviting and clean

The beautiful sunset, full of color
Just as beautiful when it is duller

Sometimes the wind tries to cover the trail
But the spot is still found to no avail

At times I visit to think through some things
Enjoying the solitude this place brings

I wonder why there aren't more people here
Looking around the coast is always clear

If I do take a dip in the ocean
I always come out dry, what a notion

The sand never sticks, the sun never burns
And none of this caused me any concerns

But lately I am just wondering why
Have I gone to that great place in the sky

I wasn't ready to go there quite yet
I still have much to do back home I fret

But then it's back to the real world I come
And I begin to feel a little numb

I forget that it's just meditation
That brought me to this brainstormed vacation

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