Monday, June 8, 2009

Emotions & Treasures

RAIN AND RAINBOW Pictures, Images and Photos

Gazing out the window watching rain drops fall.
The eyes become hypnotized as the mind begins to wonder.

Are those tears of joy or sadness coming from the sky?
Wouldn’t it be strange if the emotion mirrored mine?

The background sometimes bleak and gray
while other times quite cheery.

The wind could howl, lightening could strike,
or all could remain low key and misty.

Deep inside us all are a cluster of emotions.
at any given time they can erupt and spill over.

The eyes can then become your sky, cleansing out the soul,
streaming tears of what’s inside for the world to know.

Sometimes it’s a hurricane that you may need to ride
or it’s thunderous laughter followed by sun showers.

Whether it’s happy or sad they can provide rejuvenation
so all things become aligned in a bow of colored sensations.

It may take some time but all good things often do.
If your lucky there may be a batch of great memories too.

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