Sunday, June 28, 2009

Comedy Tonight???

Blogophilia 17.2 Topic: Comedy Tonight??
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(hard, 2 points): include a musical teen hearthrob or pop diva (past or present)
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Final day to post: June 29th midnight GMT.

Ok, just back from Cancun & trying to make the timeframe goal here so this will be short & sweet. Smaller than a bread box but jam packed of effort cause no one likes empty boxes!!

You say you want comedy tonight??? Well then here is a little but not for those of you that may be easily offended. Warning, warning, please do not read any further if you are easily offended or find humor about the recently deceased distasteful!!!

So as most know by now we lost both Farah Fawcett & Michael Jackson. I heard this news while on vacation through many avenues. The news is quite sad but I deal with the sad by laughing & although it can prove to be quite awkward at times, it works for me & those around me so I hope it gives you a little chuckle.

So when a friend of mine was told that MJ died she responded by saying "The world has lost 2 great white women today!" Come on, you know it's a little funny!

On a serious note, R.I.P. Farah Fawcett… you fought the good fight & I’m so sad to see that you are being overshadowed right now! MJ, you will forever be an 80’s icon and someday you will be the first Celebrity Mr. Potato Head (even if only in my warped mind).

Ok, that's it... I hope those that stayed to read are ok with the dark joking here! My guess for the pic is All in the family, mullet, hair band.... that's about all I got there!

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