Sunday, June 28, 2009

Comedy Tonight???

Blogophilia 17.2 Topic: Comedy Tonight??
bonus points
(hard, 2 points): include a musical teen hearthrob or pop diva (past or present)
(easy, 1 point): use the words bread box, empty box
Final day to post: June 29th midnight GMT.

Ok, just back from Cancun & trying to make the timeframe goal here so this will be short & sweet. Smaller than a bread box but jam packed of effort cause no one likes empty boxes!!

You say you want comedy tonight??? Well then here is a little but not for those of you that may be easily offended. Warning, warning, please do not read any further if you are easily offended or find humor about the recently deceased distasteful!!!

So as most know by now we lost both Farah Fawcett & Michael Jackson. I heard this news while on vacation through many avenues. The news is quite sad but I deal with the sad by laughing & although it can prove to be quite awkward at times, it works for me & those around me so I hope it gives you a little chuckle.

So when a friend of mine was told that MJ died she responded by saying "The world has lost 2 great white women today!" Come on, you know it's a little funny!

On a serious note, R.I.P. Farah Fawcett… you fought the good fight & I’m so sad to see that you are being overshadowed right now! MJ, you will forever be an 80’s icon and someday you will be the first Celebrity Mr. Potato Head (even if only in my warped mind).

Ok, that's it... I hope those that stayed to read are ok with the dark joking here! My guess for the pic is All in the family, mullet, hair band.... that's about all I got there!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Always Keep Climbing

Blogophilia 16.2 Topic: Sheer Determination
bonus points
(hard, 2 points): write autobiographically - means just that, not simply adding the word autobiographically -
(easy, 1 point): Share a favorite line from a fairytale or nursery rhyme that became your mantra for life.
Final day to post: June 22nd midnight GMT.

It was sheer determination and a will to keep sane that kept my head above water last week. Sometimes it feels like life just gives me too much to handle and living then becomes a series of balancing acts. Deep inside I know that one can never be given more than they can handle but when I’m not reaching down deep there is that fear that I may just snap. I’m not an acrobatic performer by any means so I can only bend so far before I reach that point.

The saving grace to it all is that when I make it through the storm there are usually blue skies ahead. This week was my drying out period. I’m a firm believer that sometimes a good cry can definitely cleanse my soul. No big tears were shed this time around though so I just allowed myself to regain composure and a sense of well being. The upcoming week is my reward! Come Saturday I will find myself on an airplane and while I definitely will not be joining the mile high club I will be on my way to what I know will turn out to be an awesome week!

I’m on my way to Cancun folks! That’s right, sunny Me-he-co! I know some don’t think it’s safe and they fear the swine flu or whatever else but I’m planning to have good times with good friends and plenty margaritas! Yes, I’m climbing up the spout again to get back to normal living folks. My head will be where it’s supposed to be, high above the water. Well, when I’m not enjoying the ocean or the pool that is. When the storms come I can either curl up in a ball and hide or I can push through the pain to reap the rewards later. In this huge world I am the eencey weency spider who keeps fighting its way up the spout and let life try as it might but it’s never going to wash me out!

Eencey Weencey spider
Climbed up the water spout;
Down came the rain
And washed poor Eencey out;
Out came the sun
And dried up all the rain;
And the Eencey Weencey spider
Climbed up the spout again.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Pub & Your Geek Muse

Blogophilia 15.2 Topic: We Just Disagree
(hard, 2pts): Mention one of the muses from ancient Greece
(easy, 1pt): Invent a New Acronym
Final day to post: June 15th, midnight GMT.

Ok, things have been busy this week so this is a piece meal type entry. I wasn’t going to do it due to time but that would be sacrilege because I haven’t missed a week since I began so why start now!?!? I told myself PUB… no I wasn’t going to go drinking although that does sound like a good idea. PUB is my acronym for pony up beyotch! So that’s where I decided to make it short & sweet. As for the pic, the only other guess I came up with is don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. I hate when I try to figure out what those sayings actually mean… it makes my brain spin too much and sometimes I’m just too dang dizzy already! With that being said I leave you with a link to a quiz where you can find out which Greek Muse you are. I was tied between Euterpe & Urania and since my for my tie breaker question I picked music over the sky Euterpe won out. Here are my results & the link follows… it’s fun so you gotta do it… you know you want to know or do we just disagree?
You scored as Euterpe
You are Euterpe, the muse of music. You are an inventor, and you constantly come up with new ideas. You are happy when everyone else is happy.











Here is the link ~ Which Greek Muse Are You?

Here is some info on Euterpe; I had to check her out in Wikipedia so I thought I’d share:

Called the "Giver of delight", when later poets assigned roles to each of the Muses, she was the muse of music. In late Classical times she was named muse of lyric poetry and depicted holding a flute. A few say she invented the aulos or double-flute, though most mythographers credit Marsyas with its invention. The river god Strymon impregnated Euterpe; her son Rhesus led a band of Thracians and was killed by Diomedes at Troy, according to Homer's Iliad.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Emotions & Treasures

RAIN AND RAINBOW Pictures, Images and Photos

Gazing out the window watching rain drops fall.
The eyes become hypnotized as the mind begins to wonder.

Are those tears of joy or sadness coming from the sky?
Wouldn’t it be strange if the emotion mirrored mine?

The background sometimes bleak and gray
while other times quite cheery.

The wind could howl, lightening could strike,
or all could remain low key and misty.

Deep inside us all are a cluster of emotions.
at any given time they can erupt and spill over.

The eyes can then become your sky, cleansing out the soul,
streaming tears of what’s inside for the world to know.

Sometimes it’s a hurricane that you may need to ride
or it’s thunderous laughter followed by sun showers.

Whether it’s happy or sad they can provide rejuvenation
so all things become aligned in a bow of colored sensations.

It may take some time but all good things often do.
If your lucky there may be a batch of great memories too.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dear Diary

Blogophilia 14.2 Topic: Keeping Up Appearances
(hard, 2pts): Incorporate the Eiffel Tower
(easy, 1pt): Include a diary
Final day to post: June 8th, midnight GMT.

Dear Diary,

Today I feel like I need to put aside all the hysteria and work hard at keeping up appearances. I stick out like a sore thumb around this British rock band but their album Pyromania sparked my interest… pun intended… LOL! I like fire, they like fire… what could go wrong. Nothing, right… that was my thought too so I ran right out and became a roadie for Def Leppard!!

Our first big concert stop was in Paris. They played right in front of the Eiffel Tower and what was my job??? Well, at just the right moment I got to pour some sugar on me… I mean them… LOL! Seriously, a huge bag of sugar poured in front of a fan that then blew it out and over the band into the crowd. Yep, the people left that night sticky for a multitude of reasons because the dudes definitely brought on the heartache for many women… and maybe even some men!

That was definitely the kick off to one crazy world wind of a tour. Once I let down my guard the guys accepted me as one of the family and good times were had by all. I like to think that they hit their streak in the 80’s so for that reason I quantify them as an 80’s rock band… maybe even a hair band although they didn’t like that title. Yep that summer was definitely one to remember and while there was no actual fire involved there were pyrotechnics and those are just as fun so it was a win, win situation for sure!!

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