Thursday, May 21, 2009

Take the Leap

Blogophilia 12.2 Topic: The Quandary
(hard, 2pts): Incorporate a foreign language
(easy, 1pt): Mention a Chuck Norris movie
Final day to post: May 25th, midnight GMT.

To be adventurous or not, that is the quandary.
One can live the safe life or jump off the deep end.
Which path do you choose; do you ever veer off of it?

You don’t have to be Evel Knievel or a motor cross geek
but do you take chances or just the occasional peek?

Being a firewalker is not a must
but sometimes being safe is just plain unjust.

Better safe than sorry is often the thought
but being too cautious may lead to naught.

A leap of faith is sometimes what you need to take.
Just don’t jump the shark, you don’t want that heartache.

Zu abenteuerlichen oder nicht das ist die quandary.
Kann man leben, das sichere Leben oder springen aus dem tiefen Ende.
Welchen Weg wählen Sie Haben Sie sich auch schon Veer aus der ?

The last stanza is a repeat of the first, in German.

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