Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sea Prince

Blogophilia 11.2 Topic: When Sheep Dance
(hard, 2pts): Incorporate an outstanding person in their field
(easy, 1pt): include a swim in the ocean

A prince of a man is what you will find,
he will ease all the stress on your mind.

Walk by the water and follow his trail
but you’ll have to be quick, not like a snail
for when the tide breaks the path will be cleared
but its disappearance should not be feared.

Just keep walking straight, follow the shore.
There will be other signs you just can’t ignore.

If the sun gets too hot, take a swim in the ocean
and don’t be afraid of any sudden commotion.
When the birds cry and when the sheep dance
you’ll think that you have been put in a trance.

Just accept the strange sight, continue alone
and don’t let this trip be your last swan song.

You may come to find that there is no man at all
but your ultimate reward won’t be trite and small.
The trip will be worth it, your mind will be free
the man, he is there, but he hides in the sea.

Just in case it needs pointing out, Prince is the outstanding person in their field:-)

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