Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hamming It Up For Blogophilia

Blogophilia 10.2 Topic: Welcome to my Working Week
Bonus points
(hard, 2pts): Use a palindrome.
(easy, 1pt): Incorporate a folk remedy.

Welcome to my working week
you are always welcome to take a peek.
It’s nothing great but it’s a check,
no pain in the arsh but sometimes the neck.

When the pain’s too much it’s Grandma’s cherry juice,
Her homemade recipie, that get’s me loose.
It’s been in the family, handed down by mom
made with special cherries that are quite the bomb.

Out in the open I may get swine flu,
my head may spin and I could turn blue.
I’ll always have trusty remedies so I won’t die
and as grandma says, I’ll see pigs fly.

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