Sunday, May 3, 2009

Frozen Pepto


I knew it from the very start
rolling out of bed I prepare to dart.
Tripping down the empty halls
trying to avoid the intruding walls.

My senses awaken by the smell
of hot cinnamon buns, diet farewell.
Tomorrow I will curse my tummy
for eating something so very yummy.

And when it’s feeling quite sour and gummy
I won’t go crying to my mummy.
I’ll suffer through it, I’ll be strong
and I’ll get past it, it won’t take long.

Some Pepto my help sooth the ache,
a cherry coating for my sweet mistake.
I’ll check the medicine cabinet but it’ll be bare.
I’ll be a little upset and think life isn’t fair.

For then it’s cherry that I’ll be craving
and I’ll remember a frozen treat I’ve been saving.
I’ll quench that craving with some Ben & Jerry’s,
their famous Garcia is loaded with cherries.

Fellow snacking cohorts Lady "Cheryl" Death, Mikey, Colleen, The Chairman, Michelle K, Ev

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