Friday, April 24, 2009

The Tale of 2 Kitties

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This is a tribute to my long lost cat, Pebbles. Well the beginning of this is any ways. She was a beautiful cat who was very well behaved. She sure shed a lot but she was loving and sane. What exactly happened to her I do not know. She was a loner that liked to laze around and she’d turn up during the day when she was ready for some attention. One day I realized that I hadn’t seen her in a while and ever since she’s been a distant memory. It had been one of those hectic, trying times and my nephews were around to visit their sister. She had broken her ankle pretty bad and was in the hospital for a while. The disappearance of the cats while the nephews were here was nothing new. The cats didn’t want to be bothered so they hid out, usually in the basement. Well the nephews left and one cat reappeared but Pebbles never did. I’m guessing that while the nephews were here she was caught out in the open and maybe they had the door open long enough for her to escape outside, never to return. Poor Pebbles, she always looked at me like she was saying “I could have been a contender.” She had beautiful markings; she would have shined as a show cat… If I were into that sort of thing. I guess it’s time to finally accept that this is goodbye to my daydream believer, Pebbles. It’s been about 2 years now and she isn’t going to be back. Hopefully she’s somewhere being treated well. Who knows maybe she became a contender after all!!

Now I’ve been saying “cats” all along, yes there is a second one that chose to stay, her name is Tinker. She is also a pretty cat but she reminds me of those people that are beautiful and look like they have everything going for them and then you find out that they are crazy!

I shouldn’t be too hard on her cause her mom was a stray and abandoned her and her brothers and sisters the day they were born. That right there is enough to put one over the edge. She was well taken care of though and she by no means has lived a hard knocked life but I swear she is special… in a special ed sort of way… LOL. One thing I can say about her is she is never a sourpuss. Tinker, as nuts as she is, is sweet and loves to sneak up on you when you’re sleeping. She isn’t picky on who she will sleep with either, even the nephews that she normally hides from aren’t safe at night!

Now she’s done some crazy stuff over the years. Like any girl she likes shiny bling, fancy panties and cute socks…. Well, any socks really. What she did with them I’m not quite sure but leave any of them lying where she can get to them and they will disappear. I know she takes them because she’s been caught with the evidence enough to make it more than a coincidence. Several years ago my brother lived with me for a while and he had a girlfriend that stayed quite often. Well she was always missing her fancy panties and Tinker was in fancy panty heaven. This is when I discovered her fascination with them. When I found them, I washed them and then gave them back to Tinker. I never really cared for the lemon head who they belonged to… she was a sour one, in more ways than one! I swear, to this day she thinks I stole her panties…. AS IF! Socks, yeah Tinker isn’t too choosy with those. She will take any kind; it’s not the dryer that’s the home to missing socks in this household that’s for sure. God forbid you should leave any jewelry laying around… you may be lucky enough to come upon it someday as you are cleaning out the litter box!

Tinker’s absolute favorite thing though is bread and anything else that you may leave out in the open that she can get to in the kitchen! One day my brother was trying to thaw out some chicken for dinner and I told him he better put it in the microwave or oven while it thaws cause Tinker will eat it. Needless to say, he didn’t believe me and he came down an hour later to 2 1/2, still frozen, chicken breasts instead of 4! In an hour Tinker managed to polish off 1 and was working on the 2nd until she was rudely interrupted. My brother was illuminated by fusion that day… confusion…. LMAO!! He couldn’t figure out how she did it. He had experienced her love of bread and he knew if the chicken were to thaw out before he could get to it she would eat it, but frozen?? That was the day that he finally believed me that if it’s food of any kind, in any state, it should be out of her reach, preferably inside of something that would take fingers to open. I swear, she will learn to open that microwave someday! She’s no melon head, crazy yes but she’s got some smarts. Good old Tinker, life is never dull with her around, that’s for sure!

The 3 best selling books are:

Tribute ~ Nora Roberts
Long Lost ~ Harlan Coben
Cat ~ Matthew Van Fleet

The Monkees song was of course Daydream Believer.

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