Friday, April 24, 2009

Ride the Waves

Looking out across the horizon so blue
as the ocean makes its angry debut.
The liquid warmth swells up and through
while the warm evening breeze leaves my hair askew.

Doing cartwheels in the toasty summer sand
watching in awe as the ocean waves expand.
Being here in this moment makes life less bland
and the sounds in the air are really quite grand.

There’s a storm that is brewing from deep within
the sun has set and the clouds have rolled in.
An electric feeling rolls over my skin
then the sky opens up for the storm to begin.

The ocean and storm mirror the turmoil inside
it’s a thing of beauty watching them collide.
Eventually everything will subside
and those that are strong will have endured the ride.

Thanks to fellow riders of the storm Lady “Cheryl” Death, LadySeda, Colleen

You can join in on the collab fun at
Cheryl’s Pals Creative Collab Corral

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