Friday, April 3, 2009

Outta Space


There’s eternal bliss in the heavenly skies

A gaze of mystery that leads to paradise

Full of treasures no one can behold

Lined with silver and encased with gold

Of all the places that I have been

It’s here I find myself again and again

The darkness entwines me like leather an lace

And we are tied together in a perpetual embrace

There are musical notes and butterflies

And shooting stars that my eye spies

It’s a place I visit when times are rough

When the mind just says enough is enough

I sit back relaxing and letting go

Just enjoying the nightly starlight show

It’s also there for me when I’m outta my mind

And I don’t want to leave the craziness behind

It’s those times I’m promised that pink pigs do fly

They break through night’s canvas as they squeal by

Or those holes could be made by an outer space mole

Creating the outlet for the heavens to share it’s soul


Special thanks to my fellow outta space moles...Michelle K, Wyn, sheila A. Lady "Cheryl" Death, Mikey, The Chairman.

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