Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fueled Frustration


Don’t placate me with empty words and gifts
Looking at me like I’m the crazy one
When all along it’s you that benefits
From my compromises while I get none

The good deeds done have not gone unnoticed
But it’s a price I’m not willing to pay
There are more important things on the list
The first would be keep everyone away

You say that you have a lot of respect
But actions they speak louder than words
What I say you just seem to reject
As you continue to shepherd the herds

You don’t want the silence yet you don’t try
To see everything from my point of view
For me silence is golden I won’t lie
But that is something you already knew

A home is a place of security
And you are slowly taking that away
Sometimes I just want to set myself free
But there are just too many shades of grey

Through it all I still continue to hope
That you’ll eventually see the light
So I move on and continue to cope
Cause I’m tired of putting up a fight

But don’t see this compromise as your gain
The anger will still come at you in blurts
I refuse to keep the bottled up pain
From coming through in emotional spurts

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