Friday, April 10, 2009

Emotional Facial

The face it tells the tale

of things kept deep inside.

The hours of sleepless nights

as the mind goes on a ride.

Dreams turn into nightmares

yet some are wide awake

Staring at the ceiling,

trying to sort real from fake.

There are some that sleep through,

no rougher for the wear.

Their nightmares are just dreams

but no evidence is rare.

When the morning arrives

each put on their brave face,

but those paying attention

will still notice a small trace.

The eyes may still have bags.

The face may still have lines.

If they are observant

there will always be some signs.

Look into the mirror,

study what’s reflected.

Do you hide things well or is

yours a face transplant rejected?


This was my winning free style entry at the last Iron Poet Challenge. The current challenge is a tough one, the topic is love & the styles are Sedoko, Villanelle & freestyle.
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