Monday, April 27, 2009

The Crazy Conductor


Blogophilia 9.2 Topic: Entertaining an Element of Boredom One Night
Bonus points
(hard, 2pts): Include at least three inventions of Benjamin Franklin.
(easy, 1pt): Use something you made.
Final day to post: May 4th, midnight GMT.

Entertaining an element of boredome one night
I was privy to a rather hilarious sight

Staring down from what seemed like the
nosebleed section
I’d have to admit that my view was perfection

There were echoes from way down below in the grand hall
Where it seemed like there was some sort of costume ball

Music was in the air but not from a DJ
It was an armonica right next to the buffet

The party goers were a sight to see for sure
But the dude playing the tunes was so immature

His getup was Ben Franklin, bifocals and all
His playing tool a lightning rod and no wine glass too small

At some point he was fed up with his instrument
And that is when the party went on a crazy decent

Ben grabbed his rod and headed into the crowd
Started swinging at wine glasses, the screams were loud

Turns out his aim was a little off kilter
Or maybe the bifocals served as a negative filter

Yes, the sight from above was rather comical
An eagle eye view of something astronomical

As the eye in the sky I had some great giggles
There was really no harm done, just dodges and squiggles

The amazing thing was that the balcony section
Provided me with a great music connection

It turned out that Ben wasn’t just a crazy conductor
And I was hoping he would be my music instructor

I’d start out simple with the armonica of course
Playing my tunes with great rhythm and force

Then the musical genius inside would ignite
And I’d be a crazy conductor stealing the spot light

When I was younger I used to try to invent my own perfumes with nature's greatest, unfortunately I just didn't have the knack at that so it never turned out to be anything more than the neighborhood rabbits' favorite soup!! And now for some interesting tidbits on the Ben Franklin inventions. A little more on the aremonica cause I've never even heard of that before!! The info came from under Inventors.

Ben had poor vision and needed glasses to read. He got tired of constantly taking them off and putting them back on, so he decided to figure out a way to make his glasses let him see both near and far. He had two pairs of spectacles cut in half and put half of each lens in a single frame. Today, we call them bifocals.
Everyone knows the story of Ben's famous kite flight. Although he made important discoveries and advancements, Ben did not "invent" electricity He did, however, invent the lightning rod which protected buildings and ships from lightning damage. "Of all my inventions, the glass armonica has given me the greatest personal satisfaction." Benjamin Franklin was inspired to create his own version of the armonica after listening to a concert of Handel's Water Music which was played on tuned wine glasses. Benjamin Franklin's armonica, created in 1761, was smaller than the originals and did not require water tuning. Benjamin Franklin's design used glasses that were blown in the proper size and thickness which created the proper pitch without having to be filled with water. The glasses were nested in each other which made the instrument more compact and playable. The glasses were mounted on a spindle which was turned by a foot treadle. His armonica won popularity in England and on the Continent. Beethoven and Mozart composed music for it. Benjamin Franklin, an avid musician, kept the armonica in the blue room on the third floor of his house. He enjoyed playing armonica/ harpsicord duets with his daughter Sally and bringing the armonica to get togethers at his friends' homes.

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