Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Haiku


As the clouds conceal
Your shining face this evening
The beauty lingers


Long lost lovers meet
All the memories come back
And they become one


Chocolate Easter treat
Sat there trying to tempt me
Did you lose or win

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Surreal Haikus


There’s beauty inside
Sometimes you just need to look
Don’t give up too fast

Surreal Pictures, Images and Photos

Look before you speak
Your words make an impression
Or they can cause pain


In a barren world
The soul can still learn and grow
Be open to it

These were created for the CPCCC Profile PIC and Haiku Challenge

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fueled Frustration


Don’t placate me with empty words and gifts
Looking at me like I’m the crazy one
When all along it’s you that benefits
From my compromises while I get none

The good deeds done have not gone unnoticed
But it’s a price I’m not willing to pay
There are more important things on the list
The first would be keep everyone away

You say that you have a lot of respect
But actions they speak louder than words
What I say you just seem to reject
As you continue to shepherd the herds

You don’t want the silence yet you don’t try
To see everything from my point of view
For me silence is golden I won’t lie
But that is something you already knew

A home is a place of security
And you are slowly taking that away
Sometimes I just want to set myself free
But there are just too many shades of grey

Through it all I still continue to hope
That you’ll eventually see the light
So I move on and continue to cope
Cause I’m tired of putting up a fight

But don’t see this compromise as your gain
The anger will still come at you in blurts
I refuse to keep the bottled up pain
From coming through in emotional spurts

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Crazy Conductor


Blogophilia 9.2 Topic: Entertaining an Element of Boredom One Night
Bonus points
(hard, 2pts): Include at least three inventions of Benjamin Franklin.
(easy, 1pt): Use something you made.
Final day to post: May 4th, midnight GMT.

Entertaining an element of boredome one night
I was privy to a rather hilarious sight

Staring down from what seemed like the
nosebleed section
I’d have to admit that my view was perfection

There were echoes from way down below in the grand hall
Where it seemed like there was some sort of costume ball

Music was in the air but not from a DJ
It was an armonica right next to the buffet

The party goers were a sight to see for sure
But the dude playing the tunes was so immature

His getup was Ben Franklin, bifocals and all
His playing tool a lightning rod and no wine glass too small

At some point he was fed up with his instrument
And that is when the party went on a crazy decent

Ben grabbed his rod and headed into the crowd
Started swinging at wine glasses, the screams were loud

Turns out his aim was a little off kilter
Or maybe the bifocals served as a negative filter

Yes, the sight from above was rather comical
An eagle eye view of something astronomical

As the eye in the sky I had some great giggles
There was really no harm done, just dodges and squiggles

The amazing thing was that the balcony section
Provided me with a great music connection

It turned out that Ben wasn’t just a crazy conductor
And I was hoping he would be my music instructor

I’d start out simple with the armonica of course
Playing my tunes with great rhythm and force

Then the musical genius inside would ignite
And I’d be a crazy conductor stealing the spot light

When I was younger I used to try to invent my own perfumes with nature's greatest, unfortunately I just didn't have the knack at that so it never turned out to be anything more than the neighborhood rabbits' favorite soup!! And now for some interesting tidbits on the Ben Franklin inventions. A little more on the aremonica cause I've never even heard of that before!! The info came from under Inventors.

Ben had poor vision and needed glasses to read. He got tired of constantly taking them off and putting them back on, so he decided to figure out a way to make his glasses let him see both near and far. He had two pairs of spectacles cut in half and put half of each lens in a single frame. Today, we call them bifocals.
Everyone knows the story of Ben's famous kite flight. Although he made important discoveries and advancements, Ben did not "invent" electricity He did, however, invent the lightning rod which protected buildings and ships from lightning damage. "Of all my inventions, the glass armonica has given me the greatest personal satisfaction." Benjamin Franklin was inspired to create his own version of the armonica after listening to a concert of Handel's Water Music which was played on tuned wine glasses. Benjamin Franklin's armonica, created in 1761, was smaller than the originals and did not require water tuning. Benjamin Franklin's design used glasses that were blown in the proper size and thickness which created the proper pitch without having to be filled with water. The glasses were nested in each other which made the instrument more compact and playable. The glasses were mounted on a spindle which was turned by a foot treadle. His armonica won popularity in England and on the Continent. Beethoven and Mozart composed music for it. Benjamin Franklin, an avid musician, kept the armonica in the blue room on the third floor of his house. He enjoyed playing armonica/ harpsicord duets with his daughter Sally and bringing the armonica to get togethers at his friends' homes.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bridge of Memories


My thoughts turn to you
as I walk through this park,
the day we first met
and our chemical spark.

It was here on this bridge
that we shared our first kiss,
I come here quite often
just so I can reminisce.

These trees were our shelter
from the warm and cool rains,
we basked in the glory
of love that flowed through our veins.

We shared a pure love
that could never be broken,
and when we voiced it
truer words were never spoken.

It was here on this spot
that we became one,
we said our I do’s
and our new life begun.

When times get rough
and we need to relax
this bridge is our spot
and there are well worn tracks.

We come here together
to remember our decree,
if you arrive first
please always wait for me.

Artwork by Dariverotter

Check out the Simple Sunday Challenges at Cheryl's Pals Creative Collab Corral to see more great artwork!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Ride the Waves

Looking out across the horizon so blue
as the ocean makes its angry debut.
The liquid warmth swells up and through
while the warm evening breeze leaves my hair askew.

Doing cartwheels in the toasty summer sand
watching in awe as the ocean waves expand.
Being here in this moment makes life less bland
and the sounds in the air are really quite grand.

There’s a storm that is brewing from deep within
the sun has set and the clouds have rolled in.
An electric feeling rolls over my skin
then the sky opens up for the storm to begin.

The ocean and storm mirror the turmoil inside
it’s a thing of beauty watching them collide.
Eventually everything will subside
and those that are strong will have endured the ride.

Thanks to fellow riders of the storm Lady “Cheryl” Death, LadySeda, Colleen

You can join in on the collab fun at
Cheryl’s Pals Creative Collab Corral

The Tale of 2 Kitties

Blogophilia 8.2 Topic: Illuminated by Fusion
bonus points
(hard, 2pts): incorporate 3 best-selling book titles
(easy, 1pt): include a song by the "Monkees"
Final day to post: April 27th, midnight GMT.

This is a tribute to my long lost cat, Pebbles. Well the beginning of this is any ways. She was a beautiful cat who was very well behaved. She sure shed a lot but she was loving and sane. What exactly happened to her I do not know. She was a loner that liked to laze around and she’d turn up during the day when she was ready for some attention. One day I realized that I hadn’t seen her in a while and ever since she’s been a distant memory. It had been one of those hectic, trying times and my nephews were around to visit their sister. She had broken her ankle pretty bad and was in the hospital for a while. The disappearance of the cats while the nephews were here was nothing new. The cats didn’t want to be bothered so they hid out, usually in the basement. Well the nephews left and one cat reappeared but Pebbles never did. I’m guessing that while the nephews were here she was caught out in the open and maybe they had the door open long enough for her to escape outside, never to return. Poor Pebbles, she always looked at me like she was saying “I could have been a contender.” She had beautiful markings; she would have shined as a show cat… If I were into that sort of thing. I guess it’s time to finally accept that this is goodbye to my daydream believer, Pebbles. It’s been about 2 years now and she isn’t going to be back. Hopefully she’s somewhere being treated well. Who knows maybe she became a contender after all!!

Now I’ve been saying “cats” all along, yes there is a second one that chose to stay, her name is Tinker. She is also a pretty cat but she reminds me of those people that are beautiful and look like they have everything going for them and then you find out that they are crazy!

I shouldn’t be too hard on her cause her mom was a stray and abandoned her and her brothers and sisters the day they were born. That right there is enough to put one over the edge. She was well taken care of though and she by no means has lived a hard knocked life but I swear she is special… in a special ed sort of way… LOL. One thing I can say about her is she is never a sourpuss. Tinker, as nuts as she is, is sweet and loves to sneak up on you when you’re sleeping. She isn’t picky on who she will sleep with either, even the nephews that she normally hides from aren’t safe at night!

Now she’s done some crazy stuff over the years. Like any girl she likes shiny bling, fancy panties and cute socks…. Well, any socks really. What she did with them I’m not quite sure but leave any of them lying where she can get to them and they will disappear. I know she takes them because she’s been caught with the evidence enough to make it more than a coincidence. Several years ago my brother lived with me for a while and he had a girlfriend that stayed quite often. Well she was always missing her fancy panties and Tinker was in fancy panty heaven. This is when I discovered her fascination with them. When I found them, I washed them and then gave them back to Tinker. I never really cared for the lemon head who they belonged to… she was a sour one, in more ways than one! I swear, to this day she thinks I stole her panties…. AS IF! Socks, yeah Tinker isn’t too choosy with those. She will take any kind; it’s not the dryer that’s the home to missing socks in this household that’s for sure. God forbid you should leave any jewelry laying around… you may be lucky enough to come upon it someday as you are cleaning out the litter box!

Tinker’s absolute favorite thing though is bread and anything else that you may leave out in the open that she can get to in the kitchen! One day my brother was trying to thaw out some chicken for dinner and I told him he better put it in the microwave or oven while it thaws cause Tinker will eat it. Needless to say, he didn’t believe me and he came down an hour later to 2 1/2, still frozen, chicken breasts instead of 4! In an hour Tinker managed to polish off 1 and was working on the 2nd until she was rudely interrupted. My brother was illuminated by fusion that day… confusion…. LMAO!! He couldn’t figure out how she did it. He had experienced her love of bread and he knew if the chicken were to thaw out before he could get to it she would eat it, but frozen?? That was the day that he finally believed me that if it’s food of any kind, in any state, it should be out of her reach, preferably inside of something that would take fingers to open. I swear, she will learn to open that microwave someday! She’s no melon head, crazy yes but she’s got some smarts. Good old Tinker, life is never dull with her around, that’s for sure!

The 3 best selling books are:

Tribute ~ Nora Roberts
Long Lost ~ Harlan Coben
Cat ~ Matthew Van Fleet

The Monkees song was of course Daydream Believer.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009



An amazing sight
Invading the night
In a burst of light
So pure and bright

It will draw you in
To absolve your sin
Making your soul grin
Let the gift begin

Artwork by TwilightsAura

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wonder of Love


When least expected two hearts become one
A timeless treasure that can’t be undone

Brought together as if on angel’s wings

They are mesmerized as their soul just sings

Beautiful music is what they will make

The world will quiver from their love’s quake

The ground will open to soak it all up

Taking it in like a young thirsty pup

The passion seeps in and the wounds are healed

The wonder of love longs to be revealed


Artwork by TwilightsAura

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Facade


This was the last of my Iron Poet challenge poems. The style is Tetractys.



the façade,

beyond the eyes

To the true self one is way deep inside

Search for the beauty within, don’t be shy


can deceive

Why not




to others,

their points of view

Given a chance you could learn something new


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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Skin Deep




from within;

beauty’s skin deep


your inner



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This was my winning Septolet style entry at the Iron Poet Challenge.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Abyss

Drawn into the bleak darkness

A lonely bright soul

Fighting to keep hope alive

Floating through life’s challenges

As the abyss calls

Not quite ready to give in


How Cliche

Blogophilia 7.2 Topic: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
bonus points
(hard, 2pts): give a quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
(easy, 1pt): include a horse and a rabid dog
Final day to post: April 20th, midnight GMT.

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, how cliché

There aren’t actually galaxies between them

Man has his will but woman has her way

Opposites attract is what most will say

When put under pressure the product can be a gem

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, how cliché

There’s a lesson to be learned from them everyday

Drawn like flies to a horse, neither should condemn

Man has his will but woman has her way

There are times their looks could slay

While there are others where nothing comes between them

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, how cliche

A fruitful bounty with a wonderful bouquet

Although not all thorns can be removed from the stem

Man has his will but woman has her way

Neither should be the rabid dog, gone astray

Most things can be fixed with some sort of hem

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, how cliché

Man has his will but woman has her way


Oooooo, not sure I like this one but I'm posting it anyway for

Check the group out & give the challenges your best.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

First Love


Many hours spent

reeling from a teenage crush.

Time heals but thoughts still linger.

I think about you

and wonder what could have been

had I just said yes back then.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Emotional Facial

The face it tells the tale

of things kept deep inside.

The hours of sleepless nights

as the mind goes on a ride.

Dreams turn into nightmares

yet some are wide awake

Staring at the ceiling,

trying to sort real from fake.

There are some that sleep through,

no rougher for the wear.

Their nightmares are just dreams

but no evidence is rare.

When the morning arrives

each put on their brave face,

but those paying attention

will still notice a small trace.

The eyes may still have bags.

The face may still have lines.

If they are observant

there will always be some signs.

Look into the mirror,

study what’s reflected.

Do you hide things well or is

yours a face transplant rejected?


This was my winning free style entry at the last Iron Poet Challenge. The current challenge is a tough one, the topic is love & the styles are Sedoko, Villanelle & freestyle.
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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Blooming Aura


There’s a glow inside full of power
if nourished it blooms like a flower
The soul keeps it churning from within
allowing it to generate and spin.

It permeates like beautiful flora

as it shows itself through my aura.

Creativity and determination

are at the core of my foundation

To be alert of free thought and new growth,

part of an inspirational oath.

Imagination and intuition,

necessary for healthy cognition.

To find a balance in life is a gift,

it prevents you from going adrift.

Grounded yet quite optimistic

that it’s existence is realistic.

It’s a goal to keep the inner light shining

since my true self is forever defining.


Inspired from artwork by TwilightsAura

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Set Me Free

Set me free Pictures, Images and Photos

If you can’t love me set me free

I don’t want to argue anymore

This heartache is just killing me

Love should last an eternity

It should rock you to your very core

If you can’t love me set me free

You’ve said mean things, would you agree

They left me crying on the floor

This heartache is just killing me

There once was love so hear my plea

Just pack your things and walk out that door

If you can’t love me set me free

This pain is torture, let me be

My loss I can no longer ignore

This heartache is just killing me

We’ll both be fine, you wait and see

You’ll find someone new you can adore

If you can’t love me set me free

This heartache is just killing me

The next Iron Poet Challenge is up & voting will begin soon. The theme is love & the above is an example of a Villanelle, just one of the styles they have to use. Click here to check out the next Iron Poet Challenge

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ghost Horses


In the dead of night

A beautiful sight

Out in the moonlight

They are running free

In tranquility

You’re lucky to see

The stars shine above

Ghost horses in love

A sight you’ve dreamed of


Artwork by 70schild60ssoul

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Escaping Time

Time revealed in my mind’s eye

It seems to linger like a sty

It can’t be escaped, don’t even try

For if you do time will just fly

It will always catch you, me oh my

And when it does you may want to cry


Friday, April 3, 2009

Outta Space


There’s eternal bliss in the heavenly skies

A gaze of mystery that leads to paradise

Full of treasures no one can behold

Lined with silver and encased with gold

Of all the places that I have been

It’s here I find myself again and again

The darkness entwines me like leather an lace

And we are tied together in a perpetual embrace

There are musical notes and butterflies

And shooting stars that my eye spies

It’s a place I visit when times are rough

When the mind just says enough is enough

I sit back relaxing and letting go

Just enjoying the nightly starlight show

It’s also there for me when I’m outta my mind

And I don’t want to leave the craziness behind

It’s those times I’m promised that pink pigs do fly

They break through night’s canvas as they squeal by

Or those holes could be made by an outer space mole

Creating the outlet for the heavens to share it’s soul


Special thanks to my fellow outta space moles...Michelle K, Wyn, sheila A. Lady "Cheryl" Death, Mikey, The Chairman.

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