Wednesday, March 18, 2009



The epidermis is just a cocoon

Inside is an ever changing being

That seems to shed layers with each new moon

Each of those cycles can be quite freeing

Greet the future and let go of the past

You do learn from it you’ll begin seeing

A human being isn’t unsurpassed

They should always be open to new things

The knowledge gained over time could be vast

Secret wishes made on butterfly wings

Could be carried off and come back granted

If you believe you can see what it brings

Influences do become implanted

In each of us no matter what we do

None of us live a life that’s enchanted

Just remember, to your own self be true

As your butterfly begins to debut


This was one of my winning poems from the Iron Poet Challenge. You should click on over and give the new writers a read & place your votes!

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