Tuesday, March 31, 2009



Quiet and shy
Meek and mild

An observer of sorts

Not quite a wild child

Not in with the crowd

Just had a few friends

But when I let loose

The fun never ends

Always made fun of

By those that I knew

What I did to them

I never had a clue

School was my thing

I was a quit the geek

Heck I may still be

But now days it’s chic

A great sense of humor

And a laid back style

My medicine is laughter

My best trait my smile

I can be quite serious

Or I can be the class clown

Some may think I’m delirious

While others think I just frown

I try to stay positive

And see all the good

But I can’t fix everything

And that’s understood

There’s a lot of baggage

That I carry with me

But it made me stronger

To the utmost degree

There’s a shield of protection

That I use faithfully

But I continually pick at it

To set myself free


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