Friday, February 6, 2009


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As I gaze up above it’s Orion I see

I feel his bright eyes burning a hole right through me.

Ebony orbs glistening with desire

as if it were my life he'd like to acquire.

He’s oddly comforting in his astral display

helping me keep the demons and monsters at bay.

I look forward to seeing him twenty-four hours a day

I don't want tomorrow to come, I want him to stay.

The sun will soon rise and he gives me a wink

as the sky gets brighter and he continues to shrink.

On the horizon blooms the sunrise’s bouquet

it's like unwrapping the present of a brand new day.

As I go through my day I know he’s not far

and as soon as night falls I look for his star.

He and his neighbors all keeping me sound

from high up above while I’m safe on the ground.

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