Saturday, February 7, 2009



Friends forever that’s what we said
but life had its own plans instead.

We argued and fought over silly things
always made up, couldn’t sever the strings.

There once was love between us two,
neither one of us really had a clue.

Joined at the hip through our school years
thought to be dating by all of our peers.

We never crossed that line, we made a pact
determined to keep our friendship intact.

Moments of temptation were always there
but we feared it would just end with despair.

We grew older and went separate ways
thinking it was all just a simple phase.

As time went on we talked less and less
the friendship we had went into distress.

We still keep in contact but it’s not the same,
both happy in life so there’s no one to blame.

We often look back on the fond memories
both living our lives at peace and with ease.


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